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Camphor Laurel Board | Small

Option one:

All timber boards are locally made by Joel Carroll from a mix of locally felled, reclaimed and Australian timbers.

Board dimensions:

#1 - 19 x 47cm (at widest points)

#2 - 19 x 45cm (at widest points)

#3 -20 x 42cm (at widest points)

How to care for your timber boards:

Camphor Laurel is naturally antibacterial. Boards should be wiped down after use with hot, soapy water (do not submerge). Never place your board in the dishwasher. A paste of baking soda and water can be used to deep clean and deodorise. Bicarb soda and lemon juice is a fantastic way to remove stains and disinfect boards.  

Timber boards are porous and they will absorb water and can split when they dry. Store boards flat to help prevent warping. 

If your board looks dull or dried out, apply a small amount of mineral oil or beeswax, rubbing with a lint-free cloth in the direction of the wood grain.  Stay away from olive or vegetable oils, as they turn rancid quickly. Reapply until the wood stops absorbing the oil. Wipe off excess and dry board overnight.

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