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Mekko Muslin Wrap


Tell the little people in your life exactly how you feel with our gorgeous Mekko Muslin Wrap.

The playful typographic says it all really - it's nothing but a whole lotta love!  Referencing the key themes of the Anabelle collection, our Kids + Baby range carries through the colour, fun and good vibes. These features, and more, are playfully presented in this fabulous and functional piece.

Seasonal hues of cantaloupe, gingerbread, wheat, macadamia, pesto and neon yellow combine to spell our much-loved 'whole lotta love' retro typographic.

Generously sized, our muslin wraps are the perfect accessory that can also be used as a cover or lightweight blanket.  Breathable and easy to use, they make a practical - and beautiful - gift for a new baby or expectant parents.

It is sure to delight young and old alike!

Measures 100 x 100cm
Cantaloupe, Gingerbread, Wheat, Macadamia, Pesto, Neon Yellow
Made from cotton muslin

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