Rewild Company

Rewild Co Perfume 10ml


Rewild Co. perfumes are hand-crafted in a sweet little Lab in the mountains of the Grampians, Victoria.

Made from ethically-sourced and certified resins, woods, petals, roots, leaves and blossoms. They are totally mesmerising…

Woods: Key notes - Oakmoss, Petitgrain & Palo Santo with hints of // Cedarwood Atlas & Rosewood.

Botanical: Key notes - Clary Sage & Patchouli with hints of Sweetest Fennel & Lime CP.

Haze: Key notes - Tonka Bean, Vetiver & Oakmoss with hints of Vanilla & Amber.

Reverie: Key notes - Freesia, Rose Otto with hints of Linden Blossom.

Australis: Key notes - Boronia, Lemon-scented Gum & Australian Sandalwood
with hints of: Nerolina & Balm mint bush.

Wildflower: Key notes - Mayotte Ylang Ylang & Carnation with hints of Pink pepperberries & Pink lotus.

Blossom: Key notes - Mandarin, Jasmine Sambac & Rose with hints of Orange Blossom.

Violet: Key notes - Rosewood & Amber with hints of // Vetiver & Elemi.

Oak: Key notes - Sandalwood & Linden Blossom with hints of // Amyris wood & Cypress.

Clover: Key notes - Violet Leaf  & Labdanum Resinoid with hints of White Grapefruit & Palo Santo.




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