The Lumberjack

Joel (aka "The Lumberjack") likes to work with each individual piece of timber, meaning no two items are exactly the same. Joel uses locally sourced timbers to create unique hand carved bowls, beautiful timber boards, turned vases and furniture for your home.

You can find a range of Lumberjack products for sale in store or on our online store.

About Your Vase

Each twig vase is tuned by hand on a wood lathe and finished with beeswax or left raw depending on the type of timber. These twig vases are made for dried leaves or flowers and are not waterproof. As these vases are made out of salvaged timber, sometimes it is hard to identify the exact timber type. Most vases , however are made out of timber such as box elder, camphor laurel, macrocarpa, peppercorn tree, silky oak and cypress to name a few. You will find that some have splits in them-please rest assured that this is part of the rustic nature of the timber and not a design fault. These vases look great grouped together on a shelf, mantle piece or any other cute little spaces around your home.

Care For Your Boards

Do not submerge your timber boards in water, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Buff out any superficial scratches from knives with wet & dry sandpaper. Nourish your timber board with cooking oil if it's looking a bit dull. If your timber board becomes stained from foods such as beetroot, this will fade over time. If you would like to remove these stains instantly however, spread coarse salt over your board. Then cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon (cut side down) over the board. Let sit for 5 minutes and then rinse clean. The smell of camphor laurel is quite strong, please rest assured that it is food safe. Camphor Laurel has naturally occurring anitbacterial properties which makes it great for food!