Vessels by The Lumberjack

Joel (aka "The Lumberjack") has used his extra time during the Covid crisis to create some stunning vessels for your home. These unique pieces of organic art are created from timber that is reclaimed or rescued from firewood piles and paddocks. These vases are turned by hand on a wood lathe and finished with beeswax or left raw depending on the type of timber. They are designed for dried leaves or flowers and are not waterproof.
As these vases are made out of salvaged timber, sometimes it is hard to identify the exact timber type. Most vessels however are made out of a variety of timber such as box elder, camphor laurel, macrocarpa. peppercorn tree, silky oak and cypress to name a few.
The Lumberjack's work is something special for your home or delightful to give as a gift for someone who has everything!