Hardie Grant

Family Road Trip Games

Bring the fun on your next road trip with this handy book, Family Road Trip Games, from beloved children's book author Jack Henseleit.

Featuring over 60 new and classic games – and more than 150 brain-burning trivia questions – plus a top secret treasure hunt (yippee!), this is the definitive collection of games and puzzles for the whole family. Whether it's a fresh take on I Spy, an on-the-go scavenger hunt, or a modern favourite like Snaps, you'll find a diverse group of games and ideas to appeal to any age or attention span. There are also fun illustrations throughout, making this book both an excellent gift or self-purchase.

Put away the screens and find new ways to entertain, get creative and improve memory with kids and adults of any age.

Product Features:

  • The perfect book for families with children of all ages, with games and activities for children aged 5 and up. Games will indicate appropriate age ranges for each activity or game.
  • Easy-to-follow, concise instructions and illustrations for each of the games and activities.
  • Self-contained games, which means all you need is the book and your imagination.

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