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List Maker - My organised chaos


Making and following a list means you get things done and actually reduces anxiety. Ticking tasks off your list allows you to see that you are managing but are also in control. It is a pad you can use alongside your weekly planner to make daily lists. I personally never put more then 7 things on my daily to do list. If I have one task I have to finish that will take me all day - then I only write down that one thing. Keep your to do list manageable and by the end of the week you will marvel in all you have achieved and ticked off.

I also keep this pad on the fridge to keep a running shopping list. 

  • 50 pages
  • 100 x 210mm | 4 x 8.3in
  • Magnet on the back
  • Packaging - plastic sleeve.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia. 


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